Welcome to Newcastle Mixed Martial Arts.

We are a martial arts academy based in the Cardiff Heights area of NSW, Australia, serving students from across the suburbs of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter Valley.

We’re quite a bit different from other martial arts studios.

We only offer private and small group classes to those interested in learning the techniques of reality based self-defense and mixed martial arts (MMA) ring fighting like you see in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and similar organisations.

Our theory is to offer a holistic approach to learning martial arts for self-defense which includes training and developing competency across the three main areas of hand-to-hand combat: striking, wrestling, and grappling.

Our academy has active and retired fighters and competitors who join us regularly for training; but our specialty is catering to individuals who want to learn the art and skills of mixed martial arts (MMA) without necessarily wanting to compete in a ring or a cage.

If you find the idea of joining a martial arts gym to be intimidating or daunting, or worse are worried you may be taken physically advantage of, our private and small group lessons allow you to develop a solid set of fundamentals and sparring skills for personal protection and sport competition under proper supervision.

We train across all three areas of fighting including stand up striking (Boxing, Kickboxing, & Muay Thai), Wrestling including clinching & takedowns, and ground based submission wrestling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / BJJ).

My name is Jess Landry, and I am the Founder and Program Director. I have been training in all three disciplines listed above since 2003.

My experience includes amateur and professional fights, three black belts: two in striking (Muay Thai, Karate), and one in submission grappling (Machado BJJ Black Belt under UFC veteran and IBJJF Champion Anthony Perosh).

I think one of my differences is that I’ve been part of gyms across Canada, England, and Australia. This has provided me with the opportunity to learn many different concepts and ideas from the instructors I’ve been a student of.

We have quite a different approach to many other gyms where the goal is to chase martial arts belts instead of experience.

I encourage you to explore the website and review our Credentials and Testimonials to get a better understanding of my experience and how we might be able to assist you with your goals.

You’re always welcome to come and try a lesson with us and see if it’s something that interests you.

Call, text, or email Newcastle Mixed Martial Arts on 0432 250 761 or jl(at)newcastlemma.com.au.

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